Magellan GPS Update

Magellan Update

Magellen Update

Magellan GPS is the device that will help you to explore new roads with its innovative and advanced technology. These devices are one of the most convenient and user-friendly devices in the market. Since technology changes at a very fast rate, it’s important to match innovation with the changing environment. Hence, Magellan launches several updates both for its software and maps. These updates help the users to get better direction with all the latest changes in it. Also, the software update helps in the smooth functioning of the device with more innovative features. So, you must keep your device updated and get the most out of your device. Magellan update is easy to download. However, professional guidance will make the process smoother. Hence, we are providing a step-by-step procedure that will guide you all the way to update your device. Following is the procedure that you must follow to install the updates. 

Understand What Magellan Content Manager Is

Content Manager is a program built to Magellan GPS Update devices. It acts as a link between the server and the navigation device. Using this software you can download all the updates that are available for your Magellan device. You can access the updates that are available at no cost along with the updates, for which you need to pay. Its user-friendly interface makes the Magellan update procedure quite simple and convenient. 

Procedure to Keep your Magellan Device Updated

The Magellan Update procedure begins with the download of the Content Manager application. The link for the download of the application is available on the Magellan Support page. You must wait for the content manager to get downloaded. Once it’s done, install it by following the prompted instructions on your screen. 

To step forward with the Magellan Update, go through the below-mentioned directions, and follow them carefully. 

1. Establish Connection:

You are supposed to create a solid connection between your GPS unit and the computer system. The USB cable must be used as a medium for connection. 

2. Login to Your Account:

You need to sign in to your account by launching the application. You will get the empty fields for filling in your credentials when you open the installed application. 

3. Search the Updates:

The next step is to scan for updates. New Magellan updates are available every now and then. Hence, you have to check every time if there are updates available for your device or nor. To commence the search for the updates, you have to click the “Check For Updates” option. After a few minutes of waiting, a list will prompt on your screen with all the available updates.

4. Download and Install the Updates:

The list that prompts on your screen will have both “Free” and “Paid” Updates. On selecting the free update, click the “Update” button and you will find your update downloading and installing. On the other hand, paid updates require you to choose your product family, sign in to your account, and make the payment. Your paid update will start downloading on your device when you sync your device. 

After your Magellan update gets downloaded and installed, you can unplug your device. You can now start using the device with updated software and maps.