Magellan Truck GPS – Best Truck Gps In The Market In 2019

Magellan Truck GPS - Best Truck Gps In The Market In 2019

Magellan is a trusted brand in the world of navigation devices. It offers various navigation solutions to meet the daily needs of commercial trucking operations. Magellan Truck GPS is designed with premium security and productivity features for professional drivers. These devices include customizable truck-specific routing, hands-free communication, state miles report, and much more. With ultimate features offerings, Magellan Truck GPS becomes perfect for professional-grade navigation solutions. 
Magellan Truck GPS

  • Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology

For a safety purpose, Magellan Truck GPS is designed with integrated Bluetooth Technology along with an in-built microphone and speaker. This helps the drivers to pair their Magellan GPS devices with a compatible Bluetooth phone. Further, you can have a hands-free talk with your device and easily keep your eyes on the road. 

  • Customizable Truck Routes

These devices have the ability to set up vehicle profiles for getting a better and accurate route. You can calculate the routes based on height, weight, width, length, and hazmat restrictions of your vehicle. You will get guidance according to your route preference as well as vehicle demands. 

  • Free Lifetime Map and Traffic Update

With these devices, you don’t have to worry about out-of-date maps. Also, you will get subscription-free traffic updates directly to your device for avoiding traffic jams and other delays. You will get lifetime map and traffic updates.

  • Information Dashboard

Magellan Truck GPS keeps you informed about your driving. You will get complete information about direction, elevation, truck speed limit, and much more. Whenever your truck crosses the set speed limit, its speed limit icon will turn red.  

  • High-way Lane Assistance

This feature ensures that your vehicle remains in a lane. It will send the notification whenever your truck crosses over into another without signaling. High-way Lane Assistance works best whenever you drive around complex highway interchanges. 

  • Exit POIs (Point Of interest)

Along with keeping you updated with the routes, Magellan Truck GPS also keeps track of your point of interest. This function helps the device to know when your truck stops for food, lodging, rest, weight stations, etc. Further, it will provide you with all the services you will get in that area such as WiFi, showers, truck service, and much more. This will help in redefining your driving experience.   

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